The idea of time travel wasn’t really just a product of modern science fiction, but is something already considered to exist in the past. Alabama Smith in Escape from Pompeii is all about finding the ancient artifact that enables its user to travel through time. But if it really does what it promises is still yet to be known before you finish the whole game.

Alabama Smith is actually an archaeological student of Yale University. Being top of his class, he was sent to the University of Naples to further enhance his knowledge. +escape +rooms But what greeted him are not lessons but an adventure aiming to find the lost amulet of ages – an ancient treasure believed to allow its user to travel back to time. Intrigued, Alabama sets his eyes on the prize, however, a secret organization is hot on his trail, and he’s got to prevent them in stopping him from completing his quest.

Alabama Smith in Escape from Pompeii is a hidden object adventure where you’re tasked to scour through the many excavation sites in Pompeii to search for the missing pieces of the amulet of ages. Unlike your average hidden object game, each and every item you find is to be added to your inventory and will be used to interact with other objects in the scenery. Sometimes, objects combine to serve special purposes too, but just the same, use them to interact with the scenes and watch as it unravels more items, clues and puzzles for you to solve.

The objective is to complete all tasks needed of you in each location. Currently available tasks are outlined on the lower right side of the game window and the total numbers of tasks you have to complete are also indicated. Completing tasks will involve solving puzzle mini-games but many times, you’ll have to note in-game clues too as a guide for you to figure them out.



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